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### Title: How to Rock the Perfecto Jacket: Tips from Bia Paes de Barros

### Description:
Discover how to effortlessly style the classic Perfecto jacket for winter with expert fashion tips from Bia Paes de Barros. Whether you’re looking for a chic daytime look or a trendy outfit for a night out, the Perfecto jacket is a versatile wardrobe staple that will keep you warm and stylish all season long. With Bia’s recommendations, you’ll learn how to create various stunning looks using the Perfecto jacket as the centerpiece.

Check out Bia’s Instagram [here]( for more fashion inspiration, and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook [here]( You can also visit her website [here]( for more style tips and suggestions.

### Outfit Details:

**Look 1:**
– Jacket: Calvin Klein
– Blouse: Fátima Scofield
– Skirt: Fátima Scofield
– Ankle Boots: Shoestock
– Earrings: Camila Klein

**Look 2:**
– Jacket: Calvin Klein
– Shirt: Lucas Magalhães
– Pants: Lucidez
– Earrings: Mariana Giusburg
– Bag: Maria Valentina
– Heels: Shoestock

**Look 3:**
– Jacket: Calvin Klein
– Turtleneck Top: Iódice
– Pants: Lado Basic
– Sneakers: Fiever
– Earrings: Hector Albertazzi

**Look 4:**
– Jacket: Calvin Klein
– Shirt:
– Sweater: La Fort
– Pants: Alphorria
– Loafers: Manolita

**Look 5:**
– Jacket: Calvin Klein
– Dress: Amíssima
– Earrings: Swarovski
– Clutch: Isla
– Sandals: Zara

### Video Transcript:

Are you ready to rock the perfecto jacket this winter? In this video, Bia Paes de Barros shares her expert tips on how to style this classic wardrobe piece. The perfecto jacket is not only a must-have for colder days, but it’s also incredibly versatile, suitable for various occasions.

Bia shows us different outfit ideas, from a feminine and playful ensemble for the daytime to a sophisticated and trendy look for a night out. Discover how the perfecto jacket can transform your outfits, adding an edgy and cool vibe.

To see more stunning looks and get fashion inspiration, make sure to follow Bia Paes de Barros on Instagram [here]( and like her Facebook page [here]( You can also visit her website [here]( for more style tips and suggestions.

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A jaqueta perfecto é um clássico do inverno. Perfeita para os tempos mais frios e coringa para as mais diferentes situações. Com as dicas da Bia Paes de Barros você vai arrasar com essa peça na estação.


Vestido: Canal Concept
Brincos: Imagine

Jaqueta: Calvin Klein
Blusa: Fátima Scofield
Saia: Fátima Scofield
Sandália abotinada: Shoestock
Brincos: Camila Klein

Jaqueta: Calvin Klein
Camisa: Lucas Magalhães
Calça: Lucidez
Brincos: Mariana Giusburg
Bolsa: Maria Valentina
Scarpin: Shoestock

Jaqueta: Calvin Klein
Básica de gola alta: Iódice
Calça: Lado Basic
Tênis: Fiever
Brincos: Hector Albertazzi

Jaqueta: Calvin Klein
Tricô: La Fort
Calça: Alphorria
Mocassim: Manolita

Jaqueta: Calvin Klein
Vestido: Amíssima
Brincos: Swarovski
Clutch: Isla
Sandália: Zara
Lucas Magalhães

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  1. Looks 1, 3 e 4: minha cara! 😍
    Amo suas dicas e me identifico sempre. Incrível como sempre tem um look que casa sempre comigo. Obrigada sempre! Continue arrasando. Adoro as quartas feiras! 😄😘🌻🍷

  2. Hellooo Bela!! Isso mesmo!! O eterno clássico e James Dean q o diga!!! kkkkk…..Adoro-a e acho q casa bem em qq estilo, qq idade e te digo mais: Em qq tipo de corpo, desde q vc tenha aquela… Atitude né? Arrasou nos looks! Bjusss Querida!!

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