[Pilates Video] Teaser Movements using Cadillac! Motion Care TV

**Title: Teaser Exercises with Cadillac – Strengthen Your Core and Back**

Welcome to Motion Care! This video features teaser exercises using the Cadillac.

**Preparation:** Lie down and hold the PT bar with both hands shoulder-width apart, while extending your legs diagonally.

– Roll up while exhaling and extending your trunk.
– Roll down while inhaling and return to the starting position.
– Strengthen your abs and back extensors.
– Keep your legs extended throughout the movements.
– Focus on spinal articulation.
– Continue to extend your back extensors until you reach the teaser position.

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안녕하세요~ 모션케어입니다
이번 영상은 캐딜락을 이용한 teaser 동작입니다!

준비-누워서 양손은 ptbar를 어깨너비로 잡고 두다리는 대각선으로 길게 뻗는다.

마시며 롤업. extend trunk

내쉬며 롤다운. 시작자세로 돌아온다.

복근, 백 익스텐서 강화

*동작하는 동안 두다리를 길게 유지한다

*spinal articulation

*티저 포지션할 때 까지 백 익스텐서를 계속 확장시킨다.


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For The Night – Dizaro
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