Pineda Covalin – Colibrí Collection, Messenger of Love

**Title: The Magical Legend of Pineda Covalin – Colibri Collection**


According to the ancient Mayan legend, the Gods crafted a jade arrow during creation, which came to life when they blew upon it, transforming into a magnificent hummingbird. Endowed with a special mission, this enchanting creature was tasked with carrying thoughts and desires of love and hope, sharing them with humanity.

In this captivating Pineda Covalin video, witness the unveiling of their awe-inspiring Colibri Collection. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of their exquisite jewelry pieces, meticulously crafted to reflect the spirit of the renowned fashion brand.

Discover an extraordinary array of rings and necklaces, each intricately designed to personify the vibrant energy of spring and summer. Pineda Covalin’s latest collection, showcased at the esteemed Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico, captures the essence of elegance, sophistication, and timeless fashion.

Explore the link [here]( to explore the entire collection of Pineda Covalin’s jewelry for women. You can also find their astonishing creations at renowned department stores such as Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool.

Unlock the legendary allure of the mythical colibri and embrace a world of fashion that fuses Mayan heritage with contemporary style. Indulge in the magic of their spring and summer collection, meticulously handcrafted to capture your imagination and resonate with your heart’s desires.

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Cuenta la leyenda maya que los Dioses durante la creación tallaron una flecha en jade que al soplarle cobró vida, convirtiéndose en el colibrí, otorgando a esta mágica criatura, la misión de transportar los pensamientos y los deseos de amor y esperanza para compartirlos entre los seres humanos.


También en tiendas departamentales Palacio de Hierro y Liverpool
Pineda Covalin

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