Pineda Covalin presenta su nueva Colección Colibrí de bolsas y bolsos

**Title:** The Legend of the Jade Arrow: A Magical Journey of Love and Hope | Pineda Covalin Collection

**Description:** In this captivating video, immerse yourself in the ancient Mayan legend of the Jade Arrow. According to the tale, the gods crafted a jade arrow during creation, which magically transformed into a hummingbird. Endowed with a sacred mission, this enchanting creature serves as a messenger, carrying thoughts and desires of love and hope to be shared among humanity.

Witness the mesmerizing Pineda Covalin Collection as it brings this legend to life through its exquisite fashion pieces. From elegant blouses and vibrant scarves to stylish jewelry and accessories, the collection’s spring/summer 2020 line captures the essence of the colibrí (hummingbird), embodying the spirit of beauty, love, and transformation.

Explore the Pineda Covalin Collection here: [Pineda Covalin – Collection Colibrí](

Join us as we showcase the collection at Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro in México, where the vitality of the colibrí intertwines with the allure of Chapultepec and the spectacular Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico 2019 (MBFWMX19). Witness the fusion of traditional and contemporary styles as models elegantly flaunt the fashion-forward pieces on the runway, breathing life into the mystical legend of the Jade Arrow.

Experience the magic and symbolism behind each intricately designed fashion item as they grace the runway. From earpieces and blouses to handbags and scarves – let each piece from this stunning collection become an expression of your individuality and inner harmony.

Indulge in the rich heritage, masterful craftsmanship, and exquisite details of the Pineda Covalin Collection. Let the colibrí be your guide as you embark on a journey of self-expression, love, and hope through the language of fashion.

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Cuenta la leyenda maya que los dioses durante la creación tallaron una flecha en jade, y al soplarle cobró vida para convertirse en el colibrí, otorgando a esta mágica criatura la misión de transportar los pensamientos y los deseos de amor y esperanza para compartirlos entre los seres humanos.

Disponibles en:

Liverpool y Palacio de Hierro en México
Pineda Covalin

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