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**[Pineda Covalin Jewelry Collection](** is now available at Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool in Mexico. This exquisite collection showcases the rich cultural heritage of Mexico in a contemporary and avant-garde manner. Created by renowned Mexican designers, Pineda Covalin aims to promote and enhance our cultural knowledge through beautifully designed objects.

Experience the essence of Mexican art, mythology, science, rituals, and traditions with these collectible pieces. Each jewelry item tells a unique story, connecting us to the past and allowing us to truly appreciate the vibrant cultural tapestry that continues to thrive today.

If you’re passionate about fashion, don’t miss the Pineda Covalin *Desfile* (Fashion Show) featuring their Spring-Summer Collection for both women and men. Experience the epitome of style and sophistication as you immerse yourself in this remarkable display of creativity.

Feel the energy of the exquisite runway at Chapultepec during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico. Pineda Covalin’s collection takes center stage, captivating the audience with their exceptional designs and craftsmanship.

Explore the elegance of Pineda Covalin’s jewelry line, available in-store at Polanco, on the renowned Masaryk avenue. Discover their unparalleled collection of unique accessories that effortlessly blend Mexican culture with international fashion trends.

Visit the Pineda Covalin website for more information and to explore their remarkable creations. Let the beauty of their jewelry transport you to a world where art, culture, and fashion intertwine seamlessly.

*[Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico](*

*[Liverpool Mexico](*

*[Palacio de Hierro Mexico](*

Disponibles en:
Palacio de Hierro y Liverpool en México

Pieza de Colección del arte mexicano realizada por Pineda Covalin, empresa creada por diseñadores mexicanos con el propósito de fomentar e incrementar el conocimiento de nuestra cultura por medio de objetos de diseño mostrando así nuestra riqueza cultural de una forma contemporánea y vanguardista que nos remonta al pasado donde podemos admirar la mitología, la ciencia, los ritos y costumbres de un pueblo que se mantiene vivo a través de su arte.
Pineda Covalin

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