Planting Aloe Vera Pups Successfully Without Roots

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This YouTube video provides a step-by-step guide on how to plant little Aloe vera pups even without roots. If you’re new to our channel, make sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button and turn on the notification bell for more informative gardening content.

In this video, we feature the beautiful music of Roa. Check out their YouTube Channel for more amazing music: [Roa YouTube Channel]( You can also find them on Spotify: [Roa on Spotify]( and Soundcloud: [Roa on Soundcloud](


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This video shows how to plant little Aloe vera pups without roots. If you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button and click the notification bell.

~~Music by Roa~~
The beautiful music is from Roa:
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  1. Great videos my friend, keep up the great content. Currently I am a little confused with my oldest aloe vera plant, I have replanted many babies from my oldest plant, but suddenly it has a thick green stem growing out the side of the plant about 5 inches above the base of the plant and it looks like it has 2 tiny aloes on the end, I was wondering how would I remove this from the plant and how to replant it? Because I have never come across this before and I can't seem to find anything on Google about this.

  2. Hi, MY 2 little plants got knocked over yesterday. I'm going through your videos now. Trying to save what I can ..
    They broke at the bottom. Now looking at my plant , while watching your videos. It looks liks my plants were starting to rot .
    Should I put the little stems with the bit of roots still on it, Into new moist soil. OR .. Ontop of the soil? To hopefully start growing new roots.
    The upper part looks just like these little guys you have here. Should I let the ends dry up for a few days, OR Did you place these pups onto that soil right after you cut them , without drying the ends?
    In my panic last night, I watched a few videos before I found you. What made me stop looking for other videos,, And To 👍& Subscribe to yours is..
    You were the Only one that I found that did Updates .. WOW , you showed us the right way Then Updates to proved to us , how we can Propagate Aloe leaves. No other videos showed me the same way you did. Also what I noticed & liked to see is you actually reply to all your comments. Those 2 things mean a lot to me. I asked you another question on your Composting video to . Lol
    Cheers from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦

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