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# Paulina Ortiz Mena – Life & Executive Coach: Mastering Emotions as Your GPS

Are you tired of feeling lost, anxious, or unfulfilled? Join Paulina Ortiz Mena, a leading Life & Executive Coach, for a transformative lesson on mastering your emotions as your GPS.

In this module of Reactívate, Paulina will guide you through a holistic journey from the depths of your being to the soles of your feet, empowering you to feel fully alive and connected. Discover how to turn your emotions into powerful navigation tools, leading you towards authentic happiness and success.

Reactívate is a cutting-edge program designed to promote health, wellbeing, and personal growth. Developed by Clementina Rodríguez Garza, a renowned Health Coach and founder of ClementinaLife, Reactívate offers a comprehensive set of tools for living well, losing weight, and cultivating a holistic lifestyle.

Sign up today for Reactívate and unlock your full potential for wellness!

For more information, please contact ClementinaLife at [email protected] or call Tels. 044 55 1009 4505 or 044 55 1397 4593.

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Paulina Ortiz Mena, Life & Executive Coach
Nos hablará en un modulo de Reactívate sobre “Las emociones como tu GPS”. Veremos como llevar nuestros sentimientos desde las entrañas de nuestro ser, pasando por el corazón, hasta la planta de los pies, y así poder sentir plenamente.
Inscríbete al programa holístico Reactívate, encontrarás grandes herramientas para tu bienestar.
Mayores Informes: [email protected]
Tels. 044 55 1009 4505 o 044 55 1397 4593
Paulina Ortiz

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