Pottery Creation Unveiled: Watch Uncut Wheel-Throwing & Trimming Techniques from Different Perspectives

**Video Description: The Process of Neriage Pottery – Throwing and Trimming at the Potter’s Wheel**

Welcome to our mesmerizing pottery-making journey as we showcase the captivating process of throwing and trimming Neriage pottery at the potter’s wheel. In this uncut video, we provide different angles of view, allowing you to immerse yourself in the artistry and craftsmanship. No fast-forwarding, just pure pottery-making magic!

Watch the Entire Process:
– Part 1: [](
– Part 2: [](

Indulge in the Beauty of Neriage and Nerikomi:
This stunning cup and saucer feature an exquisite unglazed finish, allowing the intricate patterns of Neriage and Nerikomi to shine through. Experience the harmonious blend of art and functionality. Currently, only the cups are available for purchase on [our website](

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The process of throwing and trimming at the potter’s wheel of Neriage pottery was edited from various angles of view, uncut and without fast-forwarding.

Entire Process:

This cup and saucer have an unglazed finish, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful patterns of Neriage and Nerikomi. Currently, only the cups are available for purchase on my website.

Website/Online store:

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Written by Saori M Stoneware

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  1. Hello Saori ! Hope all is well with you. Your pieces are extrodinary. I see your are using some kind of Trimming wheel. Which brand is that? I have a Giffen and at times it doesnt seem to keep my pieces centered.

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