Preview of Lenny Niemeyer’s Winter 23 Collection

#Celebrate the Winter Season with Reflexos’ New Collection – Inverno 23

Are you ready to embrace the feeling of weightlessness and flow, as the boundaries between the real and virtual world blur? Look no further than Reflexos’ latest winter collection, Inverno 23.

With a strong connection to the world of fine arts, our designs are a reflection of the beauty and inspiration found in nature. Our prints feature elements that reflect and shine on intangible surfaces, creating a beautiful illusion of fluidity.

At Reflexos, we take pride in creating a unique interpretation of reality that is both captivating and refreshing. Join us on this journey of exploration and inspiration as we unveil our latest collection.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the beauty of the winter season in a whole new light. Shop the Inverno 23 collection today and feel the wonder of Reflexos.

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Reflexos – Inverno 23

A nova coleção se inspira no período de desmaterialização em que vivemos, onde o limite entre universos reais e virtuais começa a sumir. Criamos a nossa própria interpretação da realidade através de imagens que transmitem leveza e fluidez. A conexão da marca com as artes plásticas se evidencia em nossas estampas, assim como a natureza, que surge em elementos refletidos em superfícies imateriais.Lenny Niemeyer

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