Princess Diana’s Jewelry Collection Valued at $150 Million

# Royal Jewels Fit for a Princess: A Look into Princess Diana’s Iconic Collection

Princess Diana continues to captivate and inspire us even decades after her passing. In this video, jewelry designer and expert Ana Lucia Dantran takes us on a journey through Princess Diana’s top five iconic royal jewels. With an estimated value of $150,000,000, these jewels are not just expensive but also carry a rich history of the Princess’s diplomatic service to the House of Windsor.

1. **The Spencer Tiara** – This stunning $270,000 piece became famous after Diana wore it at her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. The tiara consisted of stylized diamond flowers with a center heart shape, beautifully crafted by the House of Garrard in 1930. One of the extraordinary things about this tiara is it’s the most family-oriented accessory. Diana’s two sisters also wore the Spencer tiara at their respective weddings.

2. **The Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl Choker** – With an estimated value of $120 million, this spectacular choker is one of the most expensive pieces in Diana’s collection. Originally a brooch gifted to Diana by the Queen Mother, it was later transformed into a choker by adding over 20 carats of pearls. Diana wore this 100-million-dollar necklace while dancing to John Travolta at the White House, and the same day Prince Charles admitted cheating on her on national television.

3. **The Controversial Sapphire Engagement Ring** – Diana’s stunning sapphire engagement ring boasts a 12-carat oval-shaped blue sapphire surrounded by 14 brilliant diamonds, now belonging to Kate Middleton. However, what makes it controversial is that Diana chose the ring from an existing catalogue instead of having it custom-made, breaking royal tradition and upsetting the Queen.

4. **The Emerald Choker** – This stunning $17 million choker was originally a necklace that belonged to King Mary and later redesigned by the House of Garrard. Diana made headlines in 1985 when she wore this exclusive choker as a headband during her tour to Australia.

5. **The Lover’s Knot Tiara** – This glamorous $2.3 million tiara was created in 1914 for Queen Mary, with inspiration from the original Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara. It features 19 diamond arches, each with a dangling pearl, covered in diamonds. Diana famously wore this tiara during her Hong Kong tour, channeling her inner Elvis and making it a truly memorable moment.

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A look through the Princess of Wales top 5 most iconic $150,000,000 Million dollar Royal Jewels collection and the her biggest moments through her spectacular jewelry during her 23 years of diplomatic service to the House of Windsor (Royal Family).

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  1. Why are you saying that these belonged to diana they dident they belonged to the late queen Elizabeth the only thing on what you are showing that was diana's was the Spencer teira which actually belongs to the Spencer family her engagement ring that's it so I don't know were you got your information from

  2. Diana wore them but apart from the Spencer Tiara which was LOANED to her by her brother Earl Spencer,all the fabulous tiaras and necklaces that she wore are CROWN property,only the Queen ( now Charles of course) gets to say who wears what.

  3. I have a copy of the Diana/ Kate ring
    And some of the earrings that princess Catherine wears. But my favorite piece
    That is worn by princess Catherine is the lovers knot tiara I thinks is stunning

  4. my Pricess D is the only one, no one like her, she carry it all with dignity, and i believe Princess Catherine will do d same, if Only Princess Diana is still aliveWe can see Her weqring those precious Tiara untill now she will be the most beautiful queen ever

  5. Red head,do u see what ur mother look's like???
    Princess Diana,so beautiful graceful.
    She had to stand for herself since Qween Elisabeth didn't like her.
    Charles cheated on her before marriage and after with 🐴

  6. Hello, thanks for the video, tiara and all the jewelry & diamonds is belonged to the people they work and payed tax. and most of them stolen, especially from Africa & Asia.

    One piece a diamond can buy a lot of homeless people houses.

  7. Diana didn't own her jewels they are the crown jewels. Her own jewel collection was divided between the boys. And even the Spencer crown was not hers . It belongs to Spencer trust.

  8. Diana was a beautiful woman she was the queen of hearts beautiful jewelry that you can't hear you talk for the music is too loud other than that it's beautiful gorgeous presented very well

  9. I wonder who's got the sapphire choker? I haven't seen the Duchess of Cambridge wear it. Beautiful 💎
    Ed. This lady knows her royal jewels, definitely worth a subscription.

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