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**Check out this helpful tip for setting fence posts with Quikrete! No water needed!**

Have you ever struggled with setting a fence post using the red bag of Quikrete? Well, I’m here to share a little-known secret that will make your life so much easier. You don’t actually have to use water when using the red bag of Quikrete to set a fence post.

In this video, I will show you step-by-step how to set a fence post without the hassle of water. By simply pouring the Quikrete directly into the hole, you can save time and effort. Then, shake the fence post to pack everything down and check for levelness from both directions.

After that, all you have to do is put dirt over the Quikrete with your foot and pack it down. That’s it! The moisture from the ground will take care of the rest.

Watch how easy and efficient this method is in action in the video below. Don’t miss out on this valuable tip for hassle-free fence post installation.

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– 0:00 – Introduction
– 0:35 – Step 1: Pouring the Quikrete into the hole
– 1:10 – Step 2: Shaking the fence post to pack everything down
– 2:05 – Step 3: Checking for levelness
– 2:47 – Step 4: Adding dirt and packing it down
– 3:21 – Conclusion

– [Quikrete Official Website](
– [Fence Post Installation Guide](

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  1. I usually use those red bags, they’re so good I just show it to the post and the post stays in place without pouring any concrete in there 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Sure, you can dry set a post…BUT… If you do it like you show, that post will rot off just below or at ground level in a few years, because the dirt is touching it, and that zone has all the aerobic activity in it that will rot the wood, not to mention if you have termites or carpenter ants they will eat that post up.
    Always have the concrete end ABOVE soil level, and another thing I do is, I treat that critical ground contacting area of my posts with Flex seal, before putting it in the ground to help water resistance. No, I don't work with Phil Swift. Haven't had to replace any post I've set in the last 20 years from rot though.

  3. I've actually found that just starting at the hole with great intensity for an extended period of time just manifest the fence into existence. Trust me, im an astronaut.

  4. How about in permafrost? I’m only able to scrape about an inch of soil out a week, but I should be able to get those holes dug before it freezes again.

  5. Kewl, I'll stop emptying my bladder into the post holes now and just kick some dry dirt over the top. You know you can also change your engine oil without replacing the filter….You can use the toilet without wiping afterwards. Put on your shoes without tying the laces. Eat cereal without milk. You can even have sex without a partner.

  6. Or you could drink a few beers, urinate on the Kwikrete and repeat at every hole. Then tell the wife what a long day it was.😮😅

  7. I don't know 😕 I think anyone is lazy if they're not able to mix a bag or two 🤔 I use a big drill and a 6 gallon bucket and a hose takes me about 60 seconds anyone using this has not a care

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