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**Title**: Growing Up as Aspiring Priest and Nun: A Candid Conversation

Are you curious about what it’s like to grow up wanting to dedicate your life to the church? In this candid conversation, [Authority Link: **Father Fallon**] and [Authority Link: **Sister Regina**] share their personal experiences and journey as aspiring priest and nun respectively. From their childhood dreams to their eventual paths, Father Fallon and Sister Regina delve into the highs and lows of their spiritual journey.

Throughout the video, Father Fallon and Sister Regina reflect on the similarities they had growing up. Did you know that both of them aspired to enter a religious vocation? Father Fallon shares, “I wanted to be a priest at one point, and I thought I heard that you wanted to be a nun,” to which Sister Regina responds, “Yes, I did.”

Join them as they discuss the duration of their aspirations, with both expressing their desire to dedicate their lives to the church throughout high school. Despite admitting that they would have made a “bad” yet “cute” pair, they couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to serve together.

But what happened? Did their dreams change? Sister Regina reveals she eventually grew out of the idea, while Father Fallon contemplated whether his calling was genuine. “Maybe I’m not getting the calling,” he wondered aloud.

Curiosity arises about the personal lives of Father Fallon and Sister Regina. Were they both virgins until then? Father Fallon confesses, “I’m still a virgin,” while Sister Regina shares her decision to wait for the right time. The conversation takes a turn as they discuss partner numbers, highlighting contrasting views on sexual experiences and the significance it holds within their religious journeys.

Discover the motivations, doubts, and personal experiences of two individuals who once aspired to dedicate their lives to serving the church. Exploring topics such as dreams, faith, and personal growth, this candid conversation offers viewers a unique insight into the inner workings of spiritual aspirations.

*Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain first-hand insight from Father Fallon and Sister Regina by watching this engaging discussion on growing up with the aspiration to become a priest or nun.*

[Authority Link: **Watch Father Fallon and Sister Regina’s candid conversation**]

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