Reintroducing Mrs. Press: A Timeless Icon in Today’s World

**Fashion, Vintage Glamour, and the F Words: A Conversation with Clare Press**

Join fashion enthusiast Faye De Lanty as she sits down with Clare Press, known as Mrs Press, to delve into the world of luscious lace, bygone glamour, and the power of fashion. Clare Press, the former features director at Vogue, brings her expertise and passion for vintage clothes to this captivating discussion.

From indulging in silk kimonos during pink champagne breakfasts to embracing the delicate allure of antique lace, Mrs Press shares her journey and love affair with vintage fashion. Ever since her mother gifted her a stunning 1920s art deco dress at the tender age of 15, Mrs Press has nurtured a lifelong obsession with all things vintage.

As a fashion journalist for over a decade, Mrs Press has always been fascinated by the retro silhouettes that have influenced fashion labels worldwide. For her, fashion is synonymous with fun—an opportunity to dress up, whether it’s for a party or a day at the office. Her label reflects a girly aesthetic, characterized by frills, sequins, and luxurious silk, all designed to evoke happiness.

Drawing inspiration from her time at Vogue, Mrs Press reveals that many of her favorite fashion moments stem from the iconic publication. Having worked as the features director for five years, she immersed herself in the magic created by the legendary Grace Coddington, who now graces the pages of US Vogue. Mrs Press’s own work carries this enchanting narrative, utilizing fashion as a means to tell captivating stories.

While fashion often focuses on the latest trends, Mrs Press believes that style can exist independently. For her, style transcends age and is something that endures. She finds inspiration in the elegance of older ladies, showcasing that fashion is not limited to the young. It encompasses the way one lives, entertains, and even writes a thank you letter—a holistic approach to living life deliciously.

A lover of words, Mrs Press cherishes the beauty of language. From fur to feather, she revels in the glamorous F words that contribute to her creative expression. She acknowledges that fashion doesn’t require one to abandon intellect or be frivolous. It is entirely possible to indulge in fashion while maintaining a curious and intelligent mind.

Mrs Press’s ultimate goal is to tackle all the opportunities that come her way. Although her husband might prefer a single version, she dreams of being multiples of herself to fully explore the potential that awaits. And when she finds herself alone, she indulges in guilty pleasures like munching on crisps and savoring champagne.

Prepare to be inspired by Mrs Press as she intertwines fashion, vintage glamour, and the essence of style, leaving you craving more. Don’t miss out on this captivating conversation with one of the industry’s leading figures.


Fashion Hound Faye De Lanty chats to Clare Press aka Mrs Press about Lolling around in lace, bygone glamour and her favourite F words!
Lydia Lavin

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