Renata Buzzo | Winter 2018 | Full Runway Show

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In this video, witness the captivating winter 2018 fashion show by renowned Brazilian designer, Renata Buzzo, at the 42nd edition of Casa de Criadores. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Casa de Criadores, this mesmerizing event took place on November 6, 2017, at the iconic Pça das Artes in São Paulo.

Renata Buzzo gracefully showcases her exceptional talent and creative vision, immersing the audience in the world of cutting-edge fashion and impeccable style. This exclusive footage captures the essence of Brazilian fashion, redefining industry standards and setting trends for the seasons to come.

*Dive into the world of Renata Buzzo and experience the glamour and elegance of her captivating winter collection.*

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Desfile da estilista Renata Buzzo na 42ª Casa de Criadores (inverno 2018), no dia 06 de novembro de 2017 na Pça das Artes em São Paulo
Lui Iarocheski

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