René Orozco Fall/Winter 13-14 Fashion Show on Google+ Fashion México

**Title: René Orozco’s Fashion Collection – A Modern Twist on Mexican Style**


Welcome to the second edition of Google+ Fashion Mexico! In this video, we are joined by René Orozco, a talented Mexican fashion designer who has just presented his incredible new collection. Joined by fashion journalist Anna Fusoni and Héctor Fuller from ‘El Universal’, we delve into the inspiration behind René’s unique designs and how he is revolutionizing men’s fashion in Mexico.

René Orozco’s collection is a refreshing take on traditional men’s fashion, incorporating unique and eye-catching details that set his pieces apart. He discusses how his customers have been drawn to his less conventional and more elaborate designs, creating a demand for fashion that pushes the boundaries and breaks away from the ordinary.

One aspect that makes René’s collection truly unique is his integration of Mexican textiles and craftsmanship into his designs. While the overall aesthetic has an English influence, he takes pride in incorporating elements of Mexican heritage and contemporary ethnic styles. By using high-quality national materials, René ensures that his collection represents the rich traditions and expertise of Mexican fashion.

Interestingly, René’s dedication to using predominantly national materials in his collection has opened up opportunities for international expansion. He shares plans to develop a proposal for foreign markets, where the quality and competitiveness of his designs will surely captivate audiences. René’s collaboration with the footwear brand ‘Two Men’ in León, Guanajuato adds another layer of Mexican craftsmanship to his collection, creating a cohesive and urban aesthetic that is perfect for everyday wear.

René’s talent and passion are evident in every garment he creates, and he always keeps one important question in mind during the design process – would he wear it himself? This personal touch ensures that every piece in his collection represents his own style and artistic expression.

So join us as we explore René Orozco’s incredible fashion collection, a fusion of modernity and Mexican heritage that will leave you captivated and inspired.

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