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Hey there! In this video, I’ll be showcasing the second traditional woodworking workbench that I’ve made. This workbench is made out of hickory and features a tool well, a leg vise, and a not-so-pretty shelf that I plan on replacing. To make it more mobile, I’ve added Rockler retracting casters that retract when not in use.

In this video, I have a few goals: refresh the workbench to sell or trade, build a new shelf, and fix a mistake I made during the construction process. Let’s start with fixing the mistake first.

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice a seam that’s opening up. This is a glue starved joint that needs sealing. To address this issue, I’ll be using TotalBoat penetrating epoxy. This epoxy is thin and liquid-like, ensuring it gets into every nook and cranny and hardens, making a strong seal. I plan on taping the entire top surface to make it easier to work on the bottom side of the workbench top. While I’m at it, I’ll also be looking for any other defects and applying epoxy as necessary.

Once the epoxy is curing, I’ll move on to building a slat shelf for the bottom of the workbench. I’ll be using some bent walnut boards, but since the shelf won’t be visible, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I’ll cut the boards to the right length and mill them up with a tongue and groove joint using a router table and the appropriate bit. This will ensure a secure and sturdy shelf.

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  2. Very beautiful bench, Jay! Love the look of the Hickory top and legs as well as the curled Ash shelf. Almost a shame to abuse them by banging projects and dripping glue all over them. When I build my bench next year after my new shop is built I will model it after yours. Looks simple to build even for a noob like me.
    A few comments, if you don't mind, from an armchair woodworker who's never built a woodworking bench in his life but enjoys looking at videos of other people who have built them:
    . Love the tool well – will add that to mine.

    . Like the square channel connecting two Rockler casters together, but in my case, anything situated outside the footprint of the table itself will probably get in the way of my feet at some point. If it's on the floor, I will find a way to trip on it. So, I plan to put the casters between the font and back legs rather than to the left and right of them.
    . Love the leg vise, especially that beautiful Hickory grain patterned chop, but I'm not crazy about the wedge and the chop's wobble arrester. I think I will try my hand at making a crisscross mechanism instead just because it's harder to make. It should, however, eliminate the wobble, the chop cant and the screw guide thingie, but I may go your way if I find I've bitten off more than I can chew. Thanks for sharing these options, they are useful considerations.

  3. Love the channel and this build. I have a few questions. (1) Do you have drawings for this, I see you have a similar bench in your store but designed for dimensional lumber. (2) I have two large hickory trees that I cut down and have a sawmill, and now I know what I want to do with these logs. Do you suggest making the top from two large 3"-4" slabs or laminated like you did here? (3) Instead of a tail vice, I'd like to incorporate a Moxon vice, I didn't see you do this here on your other bench videos, what do you think about this?

    Thanks again for everything!

  4. quick question I see the Milwaukee cordless air compressor in the background shot. I was thinking of getting it. How do you like it so far? Any complaints or complements about it.

  5. Love that bench~! I may try adding a leg vise to my bench, based on your demo. I have end & face vises already that came on the bench, but they're only as deep as the faces. The guides get in the way when I want to go deep with a wider board.
    Also, seeing the "Bates brothers" flipping the bench upright was great~!! LOL

  6. If you were looking to use up the epoxy. Why not do the end grain of leg bottoms. I was thinking this is a good way to treat parts touching the floor. Y/N?

  7. ron paulk would agree, the reason there is an open space between the top and bottom is so that stuff can collect there insted of the top of the bench,,( that was for all the viewers , not sir bates, he knows)

  8. on all that beautiful figuring, i recently found out , makes for weak wood, i used to pick all my guitars out based on how pretty the figuring was on the neck, but i only now find out, that i was buying ,potentially , guitars with bad necks

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