Revista Trend House by Haco #6: The Behind-the-Scenes Story

# Discover the Unique Fashion Stories of Real People – Haco Editorial #6

At Haco, we are fascinated by the final consumer’s behavior. They effortlessly blend the latest trends with their personal style, creating unique fashion statements. Our editorial team decided to highlight this trend in our latest photography project for Haco Editorial #6. Instead of models, we chose real people who have never been in front of a camera before. We were amazed by their unique style and wanted to hear their stories.

This short film captures the essence of the project. We interview people from all walks of life, who reveal their fashion choices and how it defines who they are. Some of the people we interviewed are Maria Do Carro, Fernando Grosso, and many others from different age groups and ethnicities.

We believe that fashion is not just about dressing up, but it’s also about expressing oneself. Each person’s personality is unique, and fashion is an extension of it. We hope that this editorial project inspires you to explore your personal style and find what defines you.

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Learn more about fashion trends and inspiration from Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021 announcement:

Aqui na Haco, somos fascinados com o comportamento do consumidor final, que incorpora as tendências e leva as mensagens dos estilistas à sua maneira para as ruas. Foi ao observar esse padrão que inovamos em nosso editorial fotográfico da edição #6. Em vez de modelos, escolhemos pessoas que nunca apareceram na frente das lentes, mas que nos encantaram com seu estilo único. Idade, altura e cor de pele se tornaram relativos; só queríamos ouvir o que eles tinham a dizer. Isso ficou registrado neste curta, em que ouvimos as suas histórias que revelam a identidade de cada um.
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