Rolando Santana’s Hangout

# Welcome to Google+ Fashion Mexico

In this video, we bring to you an exciting experience of viewing fashion online and interviewing various notable personalities from the world of fashion right from the comfort of your homes or cafes. We extend a warm welcome to Rolando Santana, a renowned Mexican designer based in New York, who joins us today to discuss his journey in the fashion industry.

# Insights and Inspiration

Rolando Santana’s journey in the fashion industry started in Mexico, where he was surrounded by his mother’s clothing business. He developed a love for fashion from a young age and pursued his passion by studying at a university in New York. He is a proud example of how Mexican fashion designers can make their way to the world stage.

# Building Bridges

We are joined by Alejandro Brovelli, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, and Oscar Madrazo, a fashion and image consultant, to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by Mexican designers in the global fashion industry. We understand the importance of providing a platform to showcase Mexican talent and create opportunities to connect with individuals globally.

# Empowering Creativity

We believe that the internet has opened up endless opportunities for designers to explore their creativity and showcase their unique designs. Rolando Santana’s success story in New York is a shining example of how Mexican designers can thrive in the global fashion world.

Join us in this insightful conversation with Rolando Santana, Alejandro Brovelli, and Oscar Madrazo to explore the world of Mexican fashion and how it is influencing the global fashion industry.

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Rolando Santana

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