Ronaldo Fraga Interview | Pompéia Fashion Weekend 2016

**Ronaldo Fraga: Exclusive Interview at the Pompéia Fashion Weekend 2016**

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In this exclusive interview, Ronaldo Fraga, one of Brazil’s most renowned fashion designers, discusses his latest collection for Lojas Pompéia. Discover the creative process behind this unique capsule collection and the inspiration that drove Ronaldo’s vision.

At Pompéia Fashion Weekend, Ronaldo Fraga showcases his meticulous attention to detail, emphasizing the importance of impeccable cuts and perfect fits. With complete freedom to express his style, Ronaldo seamlessly blends his own fashion taste with the brand’s identity, resulting in a collection that harmoniously complements the existing pieces.

The collection exudes a romantic and retro essence, reminiscent of the refined fashion from the 1920s and 1930s. Ronaldo plays with elements of Brazilian culture and history, infusing the garments with a touch of Noel Rosa, Ernesto Nazareth, and Pixinguinha. The collection is versatile, designed for modern women who seamlessly transition from work to evening events.

Every aspect of the collection has been carefully curated, with a focus on quality materials that cater to the needs of today’s woman. Ronaldo understands the dynamic lifestyle of the modern woman, who often juggles work and social commitments. Whether it’s pairing the garments with high heels or comfy sandals, the collection offers flexibility and timeless appeal.

Not only does Ronaldo’s collection embody timeless elegance, but it also represents a step towards democratizing fashion. With the democratization of information, fashion is no longer limited to a select few. Through this project, Ronaldo aims to make his signature design accessible to a wider audience, bridging the gap between high fashion and affordability.

By combining his signature style with affordability, Ronaldo empowers individuals to express their personal taste and enhance their self-esteem. This transformation of personal style and self-esteem has the power to ripple across society, positively impacting both individuals and the nation.

We are delighted to have Ronaldo Fraga at the Pompéia Fashion Weekend, and we wish him great success with this remarkable collection. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights and updates from the Pompéia Fashion Week.

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Ronaldo Fraga falou com exclusividade para a TV Pompéia, durante o Pompéia Fashion Weekend 2016. Assista a entrevista com um dos maiores estilistas do Brasil.
Ronaldo Fraga

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