Ronaldo Fraga’s Costume

**Ronaldo Fraga: Discovering the Fashion Treasures of Belo Horizonte**

In this captivating episode of *COSTUME*, the fiery-haired Elaine Bruno takes us on a magical journey through one of the most adorable stores in Belo Horizonte. Acclaimed fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga has left his mark on this extraordinary boutique.

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Ronaldo Fraga is undeniably one of Brazil’s greatest fashion icons. His creations are nothing short of breath-taking, and this store in Savassi, Belo Horizonte beautifully encapsulates his artistic vision. From the exquisite furniture to the meticulously curated decorations, every detail of this store is a world of its own.

The range of clothing at Ronaldo Fraga’s store caters to all tastes and preferences. Notably, there is an entire wall dedicated solely to children’s apparel. To add to the enchanting ambiance, swings are scattered throughout the store, exuding playfulness and joy.

But it’s time to get down to business! In this video, Elaine Bruno models a selection of looks hand-picked from Ronaldo Fraga’s store. The first outfit features a stunning mullet blouse paired with a chic, wide-legged cotton pants. This ensemble is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Prepare to make your friends envious with the second look. It showcases a beautiful black top adorned with an elegant bow, paired with a gorgeous embroidered skirt that is one-hundred percent exclusive. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these pieces.

Embrace the summer vibes with the final outfit – a lightweight, embroidered dress that exudes beauty and grace. Ronaldo Fraga’s store also offers an array of options including t-shirts, jumpsuits, shorts, and much more.

What makes this boutique truly special is its commitment to bringing customers closer to the heart of the designer. Ronaldo Fraga himself posts updates and interacts with customers, creating a unique and personal shopping experience.

If only we could have such a charming store in every neighborhood! Ronaldo, take note of my address, because your store has definitely won me over.

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Ronaldo Fraga é, sem dúvida, um dos maiores nomes da moda no Brasil. A ruiva Elaine Bruno apresenta a loja mais fofa de Belo Horizonte, assinada pelo estilista.

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