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# Irreverente: A Journey Through Sabrina Sato’s Personal Style Evolution
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In this exclusive interview with Sabrina Sato at #IguatemiTalks, the fashion icon takes us on a captivating journey, sharing the evolution of her personal style. From her early days to the present, Sabrina’s fashion choices have been constantly changing, influenced by her ever-growing knowledge and experiences.

Throughout the video, Sabrina talks about her fashion inspirations, from classic icons to the latest fashion trends. She also reveals an exciting surprise – her upcoming television program!

Join Sabrina in this inspiring conversation filled with fashion, style, and beauty insights. Discover how Sabrina’s style journey unfolds, and learn from her unique perspective and experiences.

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### Video Transcript:

Sabrina Sato: “I believe the evolution of my personal style is something that piques curiosity among those who work with me and the general public. It’s fascinating for me to compare old photos with the current ones because I can see how my style has constantly evolved and changed over time.

I don’t know what my future style will be like; it depends on my experiences, learning, and desires. I draw inspiration from various sources, including traditional fashion icons and drag queens who continuously inspire me.

Lately, I’ve been amazed by the creativity and unique fashion choices I see in women I encounter, be it strangers or celebrities. Even though I have influence over my daughter’s wardrobe for now, I know that as she grows older, she will assert her own strong personality and start making her own fashion choices.

Speaking of my career, I’ve had quite a journey since my early days on ‘Big Brother’ and my time as a dancer on ‘Faustão’. Every experience has been invaluable, as I have continued to learn and grow. I am thrilled to announce my new television program on Record TV, which will be airing soon on Sundays. Stay tuned for more updates!

I am incredibly proud of my journey and couldn’t have come this far without the incredible team that supports me, including my partners at Record TV. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Join me on this exciting adventure of fashion, style, and personal growth. Watch the video to learn from my experiences and gain insights into the evolving world of fashion.”

Make sure to check out the full video on the [Iguatemi Talks]( channel for a visual journey through Sabrina Sato’s personal style evolution. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation filled with fashion, beauty, and style insights.

Irreverente, Sabrina Sato conta sobre a evolução do seu estilo pessoal, os looks da Zoe, sua filha, e revela uma novidade: estreará, em breve, um novo programa de televisão! #IguatemiTalksFlávia Aranha

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