Sara Coleman’s Fashion Parade on Divinity – A Must-Watch!

**Solán de Cabras en el desfile de Sara Coleman | Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2011**

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Witness the mesmerizing collaboration between Solán de Cabras and renowned fashion designer, Sara Coleman, at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2011. This exclusive event showcases the exquisite bottle designs of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, crafted in collaboration with the talented Idoia Cuesta.

![Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week](

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of high fashion as Sara Coleman revolutionizes the art of packaging. With her innovative vision and attention to detail, Coleman has created a collection that seamlessly blends style and sustainability.

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As you delve into this remarkable video, marvel at the seamless fusion of artistic creativity and the timeless elegance of Solán de Cabras. With a focus on environmental consciousness, this collaboration sets new standards for the fashion and beverage industries alike.


– Solán de Cabras
– Sara Coleman
– Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week
– Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
– Idoia Cuesta
– Fashion Design

This video will captivate fashion enthusiasts, eco-conscious individuals, and anyone seeking to witness the intersection of art and sustainability. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary display of talent and style.

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Solán de Cabras en el desfile de Sara Coleman. Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2011.
Diseño botella Colección Primavera/Verano 2012 Sara Coleman en colaboración con Idoia Cuesta

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