Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe’s Side-Splitting Bloopers

## Home to Win Season 3 Bloopers: Sarah and Tommy Having Too Much Fun on Set!

Get ready for a hilarious behind-the-scenes peek of HGTV Canada’s Home to Win, featuring seasoned design stars Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe! Watch as the duo tries their best to keep it together through multiple outtakes, flubs, and bloopers while filming Season 3 of the popular home renovation show.

In this video, join Sarah and Tommy as they check out Scott and Brian’s cozy country cabin. Will it be the perfect fit for the show? Or will they have to make a few changes along the way? Don’t miss out on the duo’s funny and candid conversations and their infectious laughter that will leave you in stitches.

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Okay, Scott and Brian chose us a cozy country cabin. I hope… what sorry, I stepped on you, sorry. Would you want to start again?

Alrighty, here’s our challenge! It’s got some potential, really?

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s what they were looking for when they said another line.”

“Well, where did well-”

“What I love about his face like this is this is blanks, but this is what I love about spaces like this is it means only one thing: blank.”

“State it’s Friday, folks! Longest two weeks in my life. What to wear this morning? House, I’m actually not a total-”

“We can try the other one first. There, maybe we should put some new doors in the budget.”

“Look, look at how small it is! Oh my god.”

“Oh, housekeeping! Unless it has one of these. This is a toilet paper mouth. No, but this we’ve got-”

“Room for like a great like TV, you think. Do like full like how would you-”

“I feel like I want to be able to, like, well, clearly I need to take this with touch that my mother, my friend.”

“Okay, if your dad’s not written by a teenager, something literally just dripped-”

“You what?”

“Well, I think it might be feeling toilet. I know I am NOT bending underneath the used water dripping, is that-”

“Is it twit? Can we find out first if it’s toilet water? Stupid, I can the toilet water. I need some she’ll be.”

“Amputate your arm? No, I need my arm, but I wanted this. And join us in the Cure will be keep. I’m getting a bit- I’m gonna throw up. Just a minute.”

Looks to us like Sarah and Tommy are having way too much fun on the set of Home to Win.

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  1. LOVE these two together. Exquisite designs with comedy. Truly two of the best. Please do another show together…we would all be following and laughing and enjoying beautiful design. You two fit like a glove together and as always, with humor and beautiful designs.

  2. LOVE, LOVE these two together!!!!!! Was dying laughing at poor Tommy. I think I would have done the same thing, but watching it was sooo funny. Design stars and comedians mixed in to one dynamic duo.

  3. My roommate thinks sara is the hottest women in canada. And every time he watches her show he he goes into his room with a box of cleanex beats me ?

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