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# Discover the Latest Fashion Talents with Novos Designers by Shop2gether, Vogue Brasil and Costanza Pascolato

If you’re passionate about fashion and love discovering new talents in the industry, the Novos Designers project is right up your alley. In its fourth edition, the project selected six talented designers – Ângela Brito, Bonica, Emi Beachwear, Sail, Iara Wisnik and Marina Saleme – to showcase their creativity and innovative designs.

Co-Founder of Shop2gether, Ana Isabel de Carvalho Pinto, joined forces with fashion consultant Costanza Pascolato and the Vogue Brasil team to bring this project to life. By shining a light on new fashion talents, this initiative aims to highlight their creative prowess and unique vision in a sea of information and novelty.

Each designer brings a unique perspective and purpose to their work, aligning their products with the current consumer behavior and requirements. From biodegradable fabrics to traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary styling, each brand represents the moment we are living in the world of fashion.

As Angela Brito explains, “participating in Novos Designers was a watershed experience for me. This is the first year of my brand, and I have learned so much. For me, it was very special to be part of this edition, where I focused on designers who process their products together with a purpose that I consider must be allied with current consumer behavior.”

See for yourself the incredible work of these talented designers by visiting [Shop2gether]( Don’t miss the chance to discover the latest fashion minds and styles that are transforming the industry.

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Ana Isabel de Carvalho Pinto, Co-Founder do Shop2gether, uniu forças com a consultora de moda Costanza Pascolato e, junto ao time da Vogue Brasil, levaram o projeto Novos Designers à quarta edição. No time, foram selecionadas as Designers: Ângela Brito, Bonica, Emi Beachwear, Sail, Iara Wisnik e Marina Saleme. Conheça mais em: Wisnik

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