Silk Material Painting: Pallas Marezzato

**Title: Step-by-Step Guide to Create the Palace Effect on Walls | Easy and Quick DIY Paint Technique**

Are you looking to give your plain walls a unique and textured look? In this video, Adán Julián shares a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the stunning Palace effect using a simple paint technique. This DIY project is perfect for both beginners and experienced painters. Follow along as Adán demonstrates the process, from choosing the right colors to applying the textured finish. With this technique, you can easily disguise imperfections on your walls while adding a beautiful metallic touch. Watch now to learn how to achieve this mesmerizing Palace effect in no time!

00:00 Introduction to the Palace effect
01:18 Choosing the right paint colors
02:05 Applying the base color with a brush
03:10 Creating texture with a special brush
04:35 Letting the paint dry for a few minutes
05:00 Finalizing the effect with a stainless steel trowel
06:25 Admiring the beautiful finished result
07:00 Tips for working with the Palace effect
07:33 Conclusion and subscribe for more paint techniques

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