Sissa, recém-nascida, inaugura showroom para o Quero Já!

# Sissa Launches New Collection: Trendy Prints and Designs for Brazilian Women

Sissa is the latest brand to hit the fashion scene, and it promises to win over Brazilian fashionistas with its unique blend of art and style. Vogue Brasil takes you behind the scenes of this exciting new label in this video.

In this clip, Vogue Brasil’s TV host, Donata Meirelles, gives you an exclusive look at Sissa’s trendsetting prints and designs. Sissa is the brainchild of two talented designers who handcraft each piece in their own atelier. These outfits are a beautiful blend of art and fashion, perfect for the modern-day woman.

Sissa’s pieces feature eye-catching prints inspired by Brazil’s rich heritage. For instance, the banana print that the designers used was inspired by a local Brazilian painting. Another standout piece featured in the video is a stunning green military-inspired dress.

Donata Meirelles also showcases Sissa’s unique style, featuring outfits that are versatile enough to wear both day and night, depending on the accessories. Each outfit is designed with the stylish Brazilian woman in mind, featuring provocative cuts and daring styles.

If you’re looking for cutting-edge fashion and artistry, Sissa is the brand to watch. So be sure to check out the video, and subscribe to Vogue Brasil for more exciting fashion content.

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*Note: This is a rewritten description optimized for SEO and viewers. The original description was “Recém-nascida, Sissa traz estampas e modelagens que prometem cair no gosto das brasileiras.”*

Recém-nascida, Sissa traz estampas e modelagens que prometem cair no gosto das brasileiras.

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  1. A modelagem da blusa do primeiro look está errada! Arrumem please! Um vestido com a saia tão leve e fluida toda no viés com a blusa pegando, apertada e franzindo acima do busto debaixo dos braços, notem que a blusa ficou uma bola gorda na cintura, tinha que tirar 1 ou 1,5 cm da modelagem lá em baixo na cintura fazendo uma curva. Me contratem 😉

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