Sleek Ponytails Steal the Show: Catwalk Hair at Xiao Li for London Fashion Week AW16

**The Toni&Guy Session Team backstage at Xiao Li for London Fashion Week AW16**

Witness the style transformation at the BFC tent during London Fashion Week AW16, as the Toni&Guy Session Team works their magic backstage at the Xiao Li show. In this video, they showcase sleek ponytails adorned with captivating silicon string detailing.

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Efi Davies, Head of Team and Toni&Guy International Art Director, leads the talented Toni&Guy Session Team in creating stunning looks at Xiao Li’s show for London Fashion Week AW16.

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**Video Transcript**
– Mikey Davies: “I’m Mikey Davies and we’re backstage here at the BFC tent working with the dolly show autumn/winter 16. In order to create this look, I will play quite a bit of volume foam into the hair, mixed it up with a little bit of extra strong loose applying and blast dry around the hairline. They need a bit more of volume mousse to get that treat and that hold around for all the flowers basically, and flushed right throughout Russia with a grooming brush and a place into a ponytail around the occipital bone area, finishing off with a straightening iron as well as a SAP shine mist in order to keep it nice and slick throughout. The final touch was a little bit of a silicone string just wrapping around the ponytail throughout a little bit of color throughout.”

– Shelley: “Hi, hello! I’m Shelley. We are backstage at my show autumn/winter for Fashion Week. The whole collection is [about] timing obviously. There’s a lot of clock going on, so when I started this collection, I think about what I did for the last two straight years. I thought, like, I always have a moment, you know, never just come down sing about the length of my nail. No, this time is my fall season with eBay. I totally love her, she’s really sought professional. Your ultimate goal is to create a unique description with Markdown syntax, that is both search engine-friendly and enticing to viewers.”


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The Toni&Guy Session Team backstage at Xiao Li for London Fashion Week AW16.

The look:
Sleek ponytails finished with silicon string detailing.


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Head of Team/Toni&Guy International Art Director – Efi Davies

Products used:
label.m Volume Foam –
label.m Volume Mousse –
label.m Shine Mist –

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