Sneak Peek: Rolando Santana and Take You Behind the Scenes at ELLE Style360

**Title: Fashion Designer Rolando Santana: Behind the Scenes Interview**

Welcome to the exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with renowned fashion designer, Rolando Santana, conducted by Heather Marie from Combine Couture and Style360. Explore Santana’s New York studio located in the prestigious garment district, as he unveils his Fall Winter 2010 collection. Discover the man behind the label and his most embarrassing fashion moment. Join us as we delve into the world of style and creativity with one of New York City’s renowned designers.

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*Heather Marie*: Hi, this is Heather Marie from Combine Couture and Style360. I am here in the studio of Rolando Santana, situated in the vibrant garment district of New York City. Prepare to witness a unique glimpse into the world of fashion design, as we take you behind the scenes.

*Santana*: We opened the collection to a warm reception, aiming to evoke a sense of happiness through our designs. As you can see, there are both dressy and daytime looks, each crafted from an intriguing fabric. With the two-tone matte sequin, every dress is unique, allowing each wearer to express their individuality. It’s an unexpected twist that adds excitement to the collection.

*Heather Marie*: We all have our fashion disasters, don’t we? Moments when we thought we were rocking the perfect outfit, only to look back and cringe. Even I, growing up in a conservative environment in Mexico, had my fair share of embarrassing fashion choices. I remember my parents, despite their conservative nature, wholeheartedly supported my adventurous style. There was this one time when our family friends, who owned a shoe company, custom-made shoes for me. I felt like I was on cloud nine, but looking back, I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. Maybe there’s even a picture of that moment floating around somewhere!

*Santana*: Absolutely! It’s fun to reminisce and share those fashion moments that make us laugh today. It’s all part of the journey, and we can learn from our past experiences.

In this exclusive interview, we aim to give you a deeper understanding of the passion and creativity that drives Rolando Santana’s designs. Join us as we explore his New York studio, hear his story, and discover how he continues to shape the world of fashion.

*Note: This video interview was originally conducted by Heather Marie from Combine Couture and Style360. For the full video, visit [source link 1]([video_id]). For more information about fashion designer Rolando Santana, visit his official website – [source link 2](*

Heather Marie from Combine Couture and Style360 interview fashion designer Rolando Santana in his New York studio. Get to the know the man behind the label and find out his most embarrassing fashion moment!
Rolando Santana

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