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# Caos Orden: Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Magazine Shoot

In 2014, 985 Magazine teamed up with Jannette Klein University to produce an unforgettable photoshoot for their readers. The result was Caos Orden, a beautifully chaotic spread that merged fashion with art in a unique way.

For those curious about how it all came together, we’ve created this behind-the-scenes video. Watch as photographer Óscar Morales works his magic, stylist Edén Ramírez brings his vision to life, and model Nicolás de Bang! Management strikes pose after pose.

But this video isn’t just about the creative process – it’s about fashion, too. Jannette Klein University is renowned for their fashion design program, and several members of their faculty and staff worked on this shoot. Plus, designers from the fashion brand malafacha were on set to lend their expertise and support.

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Making of Caos Orden
Shooting 985 Magazine (2014)

Foto: Óscar Morales
Styling: Edén Ramírez
Modelo: Nicolás de Bang! Management

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