Spending Time with Hayley Elsaesser and Converse All Stars

# All-Star Fashion Designer Hayley Elsaesser Shares Her Story

In this video, Canadian-based fashion designer and All Star Hayley Elsaesser introduces herself to the community during the Converse All Star Series on November 17, 2020.

As an All Star herself, Elsaesser shares her journey from DIY enthusiast to professional print designer. Her work is inspired by pop culture and society, and she loves to tell stories through her eye-catching and fun prints. Her designs have led to collaborations with cool people and brands, as well as shows at major fashion weeks in New York, Sydney, and Toronto.

But Elsaesser’s success hasn’t come without facing the industry’s issues head-on. Growing up with a single mom in a small town, she initially struggled to find her place in fashion, and eventually realized the industry didn’t treat people or the world very well. She made it a point to contribute positively to the industry by being a fervent supporter of diversity and sustainability, using diverse models (even if it meant putting her career at risk), and donating tens of thousands of dollars to different charities.

Now, as she continues to grow her brand, Elsaesser is making it more sustainable by reducing waste and producing locally. She’s even started working on accessories and home wares that use fabric off-cuts and scraps, giving them a new life and adding something beautiful to the world.

For Elsaesser, fashion is all about bringing people together, making them feel good about themselves, and contributing something positive to the world.

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Canadian-based All Star and fashion designer Hayley Elsaesser introduces herself to the community during the All Star Series on November 17, 2020.

Converse All Star Series is an ongoing experience for a global community of All Stars to develop their voice and talents together.

Made for All Stars by All Stars, and powered by Converse’s creative network and collaborators, it manifests in a new content series of one-of-a-kind workshops, conversations and talks. Find out more at Elsaesser

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