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**Isabela Capeto: Ano Novo Collection – Fashion Show Highlights**

Isabela Capeto returns to the fashion scene after a four-year hiatus with her new collection, “Ano Novo.” In this collection, she showcases her unique and original style, free from trends, and driven solely by her own desires as a designer. Inspired by the ocean, the collection features delicate embroidery with mini pearls, shells, and starfish, as well as romantic floral prints on midi-length pants and dresses. Join us as Isabela Capeto sits down with Barbara Migliori, our fashion director, to discuss the details of this stunning collection.

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– “We wanted to mix the everyday scenes with the idea of mixing different styles and creating various looks. We combined sporty elements with elegant pieces, bringing together both comfort and sophistication.”
– “We started by creating a beach-inspired atmosphere, using fabrics that represent a coastline. We wanted to capture the essence of the ocean and incorporate it into the collection. We used sporty fabrics and mesh to achieve this.”
– “Today’s woman is a contemporary phenomenon. She is sensual, elegant, and confident in her choices. We aim to create a mix of different elements that make each look unique and interesting.”
– “One of our first looks is a total white ensemble, which symbolizes pure light. It is a great representation of who we are as a brand – light, airy, and beautiful.”
– “Throughout the show, we mix sporty pieces with more elegant garments, creating a balance and showcasing the versatility of our collection.”
– “Join us as we take you on a journey through our Ano Novo collection, where we blend the worlds of sport and fashion, showcasing the modern and sophisticated woman of today.”

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Após um hiato de quatro anos, Isabela Capeto volta a desfilar sua moda autoral, desvinculada de tendências e cem por cento orientada pelo próprio desejo de vestir da estilista. Batizada Ano Novo, a do próximo verão fala de mar e abusa de bordados delicados de miniperolas, além das óbvias conchas e estrelas do mar, mas também não deixa de lado estampas florais tão românticas como a silhueta acinturada de comprimento midi das calças e vestidos. Nos bastidores do seu desfile, a estilista contou os detalhes da coleção a Barbara Migliori, nossa diretora de moda.

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