SPFW: Confira os destaques do quinto dia de desfiles

**Direto do nosso Snap revistadonna, confira o melhor do quinto dia de desfiles da São Paulo Fashion Week (29/04/2016)**

Are you curious about the highlights of the fifth day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week? Look no further! In this video, brought to you by **Revista Donna**, reporter Thamires Tancredi takes you on an exclusive journey through the most memorable moments of this highly anticipated event.

From breathtaking collections to mesmerizing runway walks, this recap captures the essence of Sao Paulo Fashion Week, giving you a front-row experience from the comfort of your own screen. Witness the trendiest designs and be inspired by the creative vision of renowned fashion designers.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the stylish universe of Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Press play and let the fashion extravaganza begin!


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Direto do nosso Snap revistadonna, confira o melhor do quinto dia de desfiles da São Paulo Fashion Week (29/04/2016)

Reportagem: Thamires Tancredi
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