SPFW Day 1: Fabiana Gomes, Backstage, Vitorino Campos

**Title: Maquiagem Masculina: Bastidores do SPFW | Estilo Bifásico [Vlog Dia 1]**


Welcome to the Estilo Bifásico channel! In this video, we take you behind the scenes of São Paulo Fashion Week and explore the world of male makeup. Join us as we meet renowned designers Vitorino Campos and Giuliana Romano, and get an exclusive look at their backstage preparations.

But first, are you wondering where to buy the products mentioned in this video? Here are some online stores that offer a wide range of makeup products:

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– [Dona Consumista para ELES]( Use the coupon code EBIFASICO for a 5% discount.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@luh_fs), Instagram (@luhsicchierolli), and Facebook (Estilo Bifásico) for updates on the latest beauty trends.

Enjoy the video and embrace your individuality! Remember, self-care knows no gender boundaries.

Quer saber onde comprar?

Sephora (Frete Grátis e todo o site em até 12x) –

Dona Consumista para ELES – (Use o cupom EBIFASICO e ganhe 5% de desconto)

Bora Colega –

Up Make Up – (Utilize o código BIFÁSICO para desconto)

Debby Shop –

Caixa Postal – 1502 / CEP 06850-972

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Instagram: @luhsicchierolli
Página do Face: Estilo Bifásico

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Espero que gostem!
Vitorino Campos

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Written by Luh Sicchierolli


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