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Welcome to Fashionistando, the ultimate destination for everything fashion-related! Join us as we take you behind the scenes of São Paulo Fashion Week, featuring renowned designer João Pimenta and his breathtaking Summer 2014 collection.

In this video, Pimenta presents a refreshing take on menswear, showcasing a more realistic and wearable approach with a touch of utility. By combining tailored fabrics with denim and nylon, he creates a high-end yet practical aesthetic.

What sets Pimenta’s collection apart is its timeless appeal. The shoes, designed by Gabriel Espanhol, perfectly complement the looks, making them suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re a young professional in need of stylish workwear or simply a fashion enthusiast, Pimenta’s designs cater to a niche market seeking both sophistication and versatility.

Follow us as we delve into the world of São Paulo Fashion Week and witness firsthand the latest trends for Summer 2014. Get inspired and stay ahead of the fashion curve with Fashionistando!

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