SPFW Verão 14 featuring Têca and Helô Rocha

# Desfile da Têca por Helô Rocha – Coleção Verão 2014 – São Paulo Fashion Week

Get ready to be blown away as you witness the Têca runway show at São Paulo Fashion Week for their summer collection 2014, designed by the talented Helô Rocha. The show was held on March 22nd, 2013 and was a feast to the eyes.

## The Inspiration

During an interview with Caio Fischer, Helô Rocha revealed that her inspiration was Chinese porcelain and Portuguese tiles, inspired by the designs and patterns that these two things had. She was inspired by a Chinese artist named Li Xiaofeng, who made clothes using broken pieces of porcelain.

## The Collection

The collection was all about the prints and how they turned into beautiful attire. The dresses were fluid, feminine and had a lot of volume, keeping comfort in mind. The color palette majorly featured shades of blue, keeping in sync with the inspiration. The collection had a touch of vintage, which added a unique element to it. The showstopper at the show was the long dresses with beautiful prints that were a treat to the eyes.

## Accessories

The accessories were a highly awaited part of the show, and they did not disappoint. Helô Rocha designed a line of bags that were a tribute to antique porcelain. They were made of straw and had ceramic embellishments and crystals.

## The Music

Creating a perfect synchronized show required a perfect soundtrack, and that was where Rodrigo Campelo came in. He created the perfect music piece that had Xangai, a famous Brazilian singer.

## The Experience

Watching the Têca runway show was an experience, and that is what Helô Rocha wanted to deliver. Her pieces had a unique style to them that was apt for the modern woman, keeping comfort, style, and femininity in perfect balance.

Experience the uniqueness of Têca for yourself by watching the runway show of their summer collection 2014.

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Desfile da Têca por Helô Rocha – Coleção Verão 2014 – São Paulo Fashion Week – 22 de março de 2013
Helo Rocha

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