Spring 2009 Runway Showcase of Pink Tartan

**Pink Tartan Spring 2009 Runway Collection – A Chic and Retro-Inspired Fashion Show by Kimberley Mimran**

Welcome to the Pink Tartan Spring 2009 Runway Collection! In this video, FASHION Magazine captures all the excitement as fashion designer Kimberley Mimran presents a stunning and chic Madison Avenue-inspired collection.

With a mix of modern and retro elements, this collection showcases vibrant colors, clean lines, and a touch of vintage charm. Inspired by the stylish women on Madison Avenue, this collection is both practical and well put together.

Pink Tartan is renowned for its chic and glamorous designs, and this collection stays true to that reputation. Incorporating vintage prints and bold colors, each piece in this collection is carefully crafted to mix and match, creating unique and stylish looks.

The highlight of this collection is the retro-inspired cut bathing suit, designed personally by Kimberley Mimran. In addition, the iconic clover symbol of Pink Tartan is prominently featured in buttons, hardware, and prints throughout the collection.

Featuring a variety of dress styles and wide sailor pants, this collection showcases a range of fabrics, including silk jersey and double-faced crepe. The attention to detail is evident in the use of hardware and the meticulous refining of each silhouette.

Kimberley Mimran takes you on a journey through her creative process, from selecting fabrics to choosing colors and refining silhouettes. Each style goes through multiple iterations before it reaches its final form.

Don’t miss this exciting runway show – experience the unique and chic Pink Tartan Spring 2009 collection by Kimberley Mimran!

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FASHION caught all the action as Kimberley Mimran presented a sharp, chic, Madison Avenue-inspired collection.Lucian Matis.

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