Spring 2011 Collection: Introducing Ezra Constantine

**Head backstage at Montreal Fashion Week with designers Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill of Greta Constantine for an exclusive interview about their Ezra Constantine show**.

In this exciting video, we get the opportunity to chat with the talented designers behind Greta Constantine, Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill. They provide insights into their unique approach to menswear and why it can be even more challenging than women’s fashion.

With Greta Constantine known for their attention to detail, Wong and Pickersgill discuss how menswear requires a different level of precision and intricacy. Unlike women’s fashion where a dress can make up an entire outfit, menswear consists of multiple layers and components, each requiring meticulous design and construction.

The designers also delve into the inspiration behind their brand, describing it as a combination of gothic and dark elements, infused with an androgynous vibe. They believe that fashion should not only make the wearer feel a certain way but also evoke emotions in those who see it.

With their Ezra Constantine show at Montreal Fashion Week, Greta Constantine showcases their ability to create a mood and make a powerful statement through their garments. Join us as we dive into the world of Greta Constantine and discover their unique perspective on fashion.

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We head backstage at Montreal Fashion Week to talk with designers Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill about their Ezra Constantine show.Greta Constantine

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