Spring 2022 Fashion Finds: Clothing Haul

**Title: Best Spring Wardrobe Refresh | H&M Clothing Haul 2022**

Welcome back to my channel! In this video, I am thrilled to share with you my recent clothing haul and wardrobe spring refresh. I have handpicked some amazing pieces from H&M, Ellie Mae Studios, Anine Bing, and more, that I believe will stand the test of time in my wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for staples or trendy pieces, I’ve got you covered. Throughout the video, I will provide links to all the items featured, so you can check them out for yourself. Let’s dive in!

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Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel. Happy spring to you! I am so excited to be doing this clothing haul. I have done some shopping and received some very kind gifting. I have already been wearing some of these pieces so much and I am thrilled that I have found some great pieces that I do believe will stand the test of time in my wardrobe, and I wanted to share them with you because we’re doing a little wardrobe spring refresh.

**H&M Blue Shirt:** The blue shirt I’m wearing right now is my absolute favorite. It’s the best cotton shirt I have ever worn, with the perfect oversized fit. It’s become my uniform, and I can’t stop wearing it. Grab it while you can! [H&M Blue Shirt](

**H&M Green Stripe Shirt:** I also picked up the same shirt in green because I love the style and oversized fit. I’m embracing my love for basic pieces and these shirts are perfect for that. [H&M Green Stripe Shirt](

**Ellie Mae Studios Shirt:** This gorgeous white and blue striped shirt is a gift from Ellie Mae Studios. It’s part of their spring/summer 2022 collection and adds a beautiful touch to my spring wardrobe. Thank you, Ellie Mae Studios! [Ellie Mae Studios Shirt](

**H&M Knit Wool Cardigan:** H&M has been crushing it in the cardigan department. This unique and funky cardigan from their premium collection has become a staple in my wardrobe. The details and the luxe feel make it a must-have. [H&M Knit Wool Cardigan](

**H&M Knit Silk-Blend Cardigan:** I also picked up this silk-blend cardigan, which is perfect for layering. It has a different feel and is great for warmer weather too. I’m excited to style it with various outfits. [H&M Knit Silk-Blend Cardigan](

**H&M Ultra High Waist 90’s Jeans:** Of course, I couldn’t resist getting a pair of jeans. These 90’s-inspired loose jeans are on-trend and perfect for a casual or dressed-up look. [H&M Ultra High Waist 90’s Jeans](

And that concludes my clothing haul for this spring. I hope you found some inspiration and enjoyed seeing the pieces I picked up. Let me know in the comments down below which pieces you liked and what trends you’re loving. Don’t forget to check the description box for the links to the items mentioned in this video. Happy shopping and happy spring!

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H&M Blue shirt
H&M Green Stripe Shirt
Ellie Mae Studios Shirt
H&M Knit Wool Cardigan
H&M Knit Silk-Blend Cardigan
H&M Ultra High Waist 90’s Jeans
Nonchalant White Pant
Sleeper Navy Dress
Anine Bing Kira Dress
Anine Bing Billie Pants
Anine Bing Sid Sandals
Anine Bing Napa Sunglasses
Anine Bing Adriana Jacket
Verie Grace Sunglasses
Zara Loafers
Frame Carlotta Heels

Blue Shirt

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Music is from Epidemic Sound
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Written by Allana Davison


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  1. Lan, can you do a video about styling shoes with outfits? I walk everywhere and struggle with shoe styling cause I want to look cute but need comfy shoes 😂🙏🏼💕 xxxxx

  2. H&M’s white cotton shirting is just impossible to de-wrinkle, even with multiple ironings. I’ve learned to avoid it. The fabric in the stripes and other colors is usually much nicer.

  3. Fab choices! Lovin’ the new studio set up (and the sound is good!) Interesting that the Nonchalant pants are made in Colombia – not what I expected. But dry clean only is a no-go for me-especially with WHITE! 😳

  4. Your fashion content and your vlogs are my absolute favorite. I love make-up but fashion is my true passion. Would love to see more "What I'm Wearing this Week" videos (I like both formats you do where one is planned and filmed all at once and the other is more of a daily style vlog), videos on how to style certain pieces like "How I Style X", maybe sort of capsule style videos where you have a certain number of pieces and style them all together in different ways, honestly just whatever. I adore your style and I'd watch pretty much anything you put out fashion wise (not that I don't love your make-up videos)

  5. I got the blue shirt in large and it Seems way more oversized than yours but the medium is sold out. I normally wear a large so I figured it would be the right size. How do you know when oversize is too oversize? My husband is no help because he knows nothing about fashion And just says “that looks too big for you“ 😜

  6. I really really really need you to recreate phoebe dynevor’s vogue skincare/makeup routine plzzzzzz.. with the release of bridgerton s2 it’s perfect timing 😬😬😬 also if you could do lili reinhart’s recent vanity fair look that would be amazing too

  7. I’m always nervous about shopping for spring. It feels like here in Ontario we go from winter to summer with just a short period of nonstop rain in between. By far the hardest season to dress for

  8. I was really hoping you would start to step away from fast fashion this year. H&M, is one of the worst offenders of fast fashion and world wide synthetic garment pollution.

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