Spring Must-Haves: Embrace the Boldness of Fearless Fashion

**Fearless Spring Fashion Must Haves by Lisa Williams**

In this exciting fashion video, Lisa Williams shares her tips and advice on the must-have fashion trends for spring and summer 2015. From metallics to embroideries, appliques to lace, and fabrics to textures, the designers have taken fashion to the extremes. Don’t be afraid to amp up your style and mix colors and prints. Lisa highlights her favorite shows, including Mara Hoffman and Mayor Hoffman, who showcased cool and casual boho chic California vibes. Crop tops are making a comeback, so get ready to tone those abs! Braids, sleek hair, and muted nail trends are in, while the makeup trends are all about delicate and natural looks. For a full roundup of fashion week highlights, visit for backstage access, interviews with designers and models, and more.

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– [00:00:00] Introduction to spring fashion trends
– [00:00:30] Highlights from favorite shows (Mara Hoffman and Mayor Hoffman)
– [00:01:15] Crop tops making a comeback
– [00:01:45] Braids and sleek hair trends
– [00:02:15] Muted nail trend with metallics
– [00:02:45] Delicate and natural makeup looks
– [00:03:15] Recap of fashion week and where to find more information

For a detailed breakdown of the latest spring fashion trends, check out the full video and get ready to revamp your wardrobe!

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Fearless Spring Fashion Must Haves by Lisa WilliamsMikhael Kale

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