Spring/Summer 2012 Collection by Lucian Matis

## **Lucian Matis’ S/S 2012 Collection at Toronto Fashion Week**

Welcome to Toronto Fashion Week, where Canadian fashion designer Lucian Matis reveals his highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Matis, known for his feminine and elegant designs, dazzles the runway with his latest fashion collection featuring delicate gowns and trendy pieces that scream sophistication and style.

From playful polka dots to bold prints, Matis’ fashion show is a showcase of creativity and design excellence, capturing the essence of Canadian fashion at its finest.

As a leading figure in the Canadian fashion industry, Matis continues to make waves with his innovative and chic approach to fashion design. His S/S 2012 collection serves as a testament to his talent and artistic vision, cementing his place in the world of high fashion.

For those who appreciate the artistry of fashion, Lucian Matis’ S/S 2012 collection is a must-see. Be inspired by the glamour and elegance of Canadian fashion, and witness first-hand the creative genius of one of Canada’s most celebrated designers.

Watch the full show of Lucian Matis’ S/S 2012 collection at Toronto Fashion Week [here]( and be prepared to fall in love with fashion all over again.

*Source: [Toronto Fashion Week](*

Canadian designer Lucian Matis unveils his S/S 2012 collection at Toronto Fashion Week.Lucian Matis.

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