@StefSanjatiOfficial presents a selection of refreshing beauty products to revitalize your springtime makeup collection

Now that the sun is starting to shine, it’s time to update your color palette for the summer season. In this YouTube video, beauty expert Stef Sanjati (@StefSanjatiOfficial) shares her tips and recommendations for achieving that perfect summer glow.

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In this video, Stef Sanjati showcases a range of products that will give you that radiant glow, at various price points. From Stila’s “Lingerie Souffle” with its incredible radiance and lightweight texture, to Rimmel London’s versatile “Wonder Swipe” liner and eyeshadow, Stef provides options for everyone. She also highlights Rihanna’s inclusive makeup line, which offers a wide range of shades for all skin tones.

To complete the summer look, Stef recommends Clarins’ Instant Light Lip Oils, which provide hydration and a lustrous gloss, with a hint of color. These lip oils are perfect for achieving a natural and glowy look.

Watch the video to discover Stef Sanjati’s beauty product recommendations and learn how to achieve the ultimate summer glow. Don’t miss out on more exciting appearances from Stef on Your Morning by subscribing to their channel!

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Now that the sun is starting to shine, you need to adjust that colour palette, so YouTuber @StefSanjatiOfficial is here to update that look.

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  1. You TOTALLY rock girl, please for the love of God, do the world a powerful justice & never change you being you because I feel you're doing great work and helping/teaching every single viewer

  2. Coming from a straight man, I must say that you're an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS woman & I greatly admire your strength & what I believe you stand for, every individual being themself

  3. I’ve been following you for years but rarely leave a comment. You are so good on camera. I could see you hosting on qvc. Congratulations on this new venture 🙌🏼

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