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Welcome to’s visual instructions for installing wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are essential in widening the wheel stance of cars and trucks, allowing for the use of oversized tires. In this how-to video, we demonstrate the installation process for dually trucks, utility trucks, cars, and SUVs. Our spacers are made with the highest quality standards to ensure optimal performance.

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*Original HD Footage by [Ted Caloroso](, [Christopher Bates](, and [Magnetic Entertainment](
Voiceover, editing, 3D animation, and sound design by [Bryan Ierardi](*

**Installation Process:**
1. Start by removing the wheel from the vehicle.
2. Ensure the spacer is the right fit by checking the number of wheel studs and the snugness on the hub.
3. Clean the mounting surfaces and blow off any excess dust.
4. Place the spacer on the hub and install the lug nuts, using a crisscross star pattern for even distribution of tightening force and alignment.
5. For dually trucks, like the one shown in this video, the spacer is placed between the two rear wheels. For regular cars, SUVs, or pickup trucks, this extra step is not necessary.
6. Tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench, following your vehicle’s recommended specifications.
7. Apply red Loctite thread lock to the wheel studs to prevent the lug nuts from coming loose.
8. Place the wheel back on the hub and repeat the lug nut installation process using the crisscross star pattern.
9. Use a torque wrench to ensure the lug nuts are tightened to specifications.
10. Congratulations! You have successfully installed your wheel spacer. is your number one source for top-quality wheel adapters and spacers. With years of experience, we ensure our products meet the highest performance standards. If you need assistance finding the right fit, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.

Good luck with your installation, and thank you for watching our instructional video!

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*Source: [](* presents this howto video for installing wheel spacers on dually trucks, regular trucks, cars and SUVs. is your #1 source for wheel adapters and wheel spacers.


Original HD Footage by Ted Caloroso, Christopher Bates, and Magnetic Entertainment.

Voiceover, editing, 3D animation and sound design by Bryan Ierardi. www.bryaneye.comChristopher Bates

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  1. Do your selves a favor and paint them (at least the exposed outer curved side) before you install them. Mine surface rusted and looked pretty bad from the rear. I had to remove them and lightly sand and paint them.

  2. Just remember some states have limits as to how wide a dually set-up can be. In my state, the out-side to out-side max width can not exceed 8 feet, and the outside tires can not go past the fenders. Fender flairs can be added, but the tires then can not go past the flairs. You'll get pulled over, ticketed, then directed to the nearest service shop to correct the issue. All on your dime.

  3. Concur with others posting here.

    – Highly professional video
    – Customer Service A+–speaking to owner, Fred, who’s a true American, no doubt
    – Could not locate a match of his production quality/price nationally

    Short Story: Called Houston vendor and quizzed rep there about steel adapters and felt as if I were speaking to a seedy Salesman. Rep would not divulge price, yet urged me to “come in”.

    Bottom line, I highly recommend Fred’s services.

  4. Fred thanks for perfect made 2 "spacer on my 2001 f250,f yi the 2010 oem f250 wheel works exactly on my 01 250 without cutting the bolts!i gain 50 hp from the spacer kidding! rob

  5. i am leaving this comment in reguards to my service rendered by fred and and his business. every time i bought spacers from fred they were exactly what i needed and when i called he was always willing and able to assist me with any questions i had. i definently will refer anyone i know that needs spacers to fred and his business

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