Step-by-step Guide on Cultivating Aquatic Moss in a Terrarium

**Title: How to Grow Aquatic Moss in a Terrarium – Easy Tips and Tricks**


Are you looking for amazing mosses that are easy to grow in your terrariums? Look no further! In this video, I will show you the step-by-step process of growing aquatic mosses that will thrive in your terrariums. As an experienced terrarium builder, I have been using these aquatic mosses more and more in my builds, and they never fail to impress.

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[Scaped Nature]( is another fantastic source for high-quality aquatic mosses. I highly recommend checking out their website for an excellent selection of aquatic mosses that will enhance the beauty of your terrariums.

**Tutorial Highlights**

– Choose a beautiful glass container with a lid for your terrarium.

– Prepare the soil by arranging it on a gradient, creating more surface area visibility from the front.

– Dampen the soil with a gentle spray of water to prevent moving when adding the moss.

– Crush the akadama to the perfect particle size for moss growth and spread it across the substrate.

– Clean the moss thoroughly by washing off any propagation gear before placing it in the terrarium. For optimal growth, ensure the moss is in contact with the akadama or lava rock.

– Plant the moss by gently pressing it into place using tweezers or scissors. Don’t worry about any gaps as the moss will spread quickly and fill them.

– Cover the terrarium with a lid to create the perfect environment for moss growth.

Watch the full tutorial on [YouTube]( to see the entire process in action.

**Equipment & Supplies Used**

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Thank you for watching! If you create your own moss terrarium, please share it with me on Instagram. I would love to see your creations. Stay tuned for more exciting terrarium projects. Have a great day!

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How To Grow Aquatic Moss In A Terrarium

If you’re looking for amazing mosses that are easy to grow then you should try growing these aquatic species if your terrariums! As time goes on, I’m using these more and more in my builds.



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  1. Hey, I’m making wet terrariums, what moss would you recommend for the layer about the pebbles at the bottom? I’m using the moss for water retention and just can’t find anything about the best moss to use🥲 I’m looking at sphagnum moss at the moment 🙂

  2. Hi, I am a first timer for terrariums but do a lot of aquascapes. The mosses I have Christmas , weeping, fissidens, peacock. Can u advise me which all can be used in a terrarium

  3. Hey mate! Me and my girlfriend have just discovered your YouTube channel(watching from NZ) and cant get enough!! I am just about to start my own terrarium and feel like I'm 100% ready to dive in! Would be cool to see you setting up a MASSIVE one from start to finish. Thanks for all the help!!!!

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