Step-by-Step Tutorial: Creating a Stunning Magnolia Watercolour Flower Painting with Only 4 Colours

# Beautiful Magnolia Watercolour Flower Painting Tutorial! No Masking Fluid? No Problem!

Welcome to my stunning Magnolia watercolor painting tutorial! In this video, I will show you how to paint a light-colored magnolia flower without the use of masking fluid. If you don’t have access to masking fluid or prefer not to use it, this tutorial is perfect for you.

To begin, I will be using a simple color palette consisting of four colors: ultramarine, quinacridone magenta, hansa yellow light, and quinacridone gold. These colors will allow us to achieve beautiful and natural tones in our painting.

I have already sketched the magnolia onto rough 300g/m watercolor paper using an HB pencil. Using a size 6 round brush, I will paint wet into wet with very light tonal values, starting with quinacridone magenta and lots of water.

Next, I will mix ultramarine and hansa yellow light to create a yellow-green hue. This will be applied wet on dry with a size 6 brush, gently tickling the paint onto the paper. I will also drop in some quinacridone gold for added texture and color variation.

For the stems, I will use a mixture of the primary colors to create a more neutral tone. Starting with a yellow-green base, I will switch to wet on dry and introduce slightly warmer tones with wet into wet application.

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As we move to the background, I will paint some of the magnolias wet on dry, keeping them very pale to create depth. The magenta and a pale gray-green will be used for the fuzzy background magnolias, as well as the stems.

Once the painting has dried, I will work on the center of the magnolia, using magenta wet on dry and pushing some water down into the center for a darker tone. Using a plastic card, I will scratch thin vein lines into the paper to add detail.

I will continue to build up the darks and details using dilute grays and the three primary colors mixed together. The plastic card will also be helpful in creating thin lines and adding texture.

Now, I will wet the background using a size 14 brush and apply ultramarine wet into wet, leaving white gaps for a semi-abstract sky. Damp into damp application with a mixture of ultramarine, magenta, and quinacridone gold will create dark stems.

To really make the magnolia pop, I will darken the areas around the edges using dark tones. Softening and blending with clean water will enhance the contrast with the lighter watercolor paper.

By following these techniques, you can achieve stunning results without the need for masking fluid. This tutorial is perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike.

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For a full list of the materials used in this tutorial, including alternatives, please check the description below. I may earn a commission through affiliate links provided. You can find the materials on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Thank you for watching and happy painting!

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Beautiful Magnolia Watercolour Flower Painting Tutorial! Using just 4 colours. Would you like to learn more about watercolour painting? Check out my Patreon membership: – includes ad free content, EXCLUSIVE TUTORIALS and sketch outlines etc…


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MATERIALS (alternatives):

Paper: Millford Watercolour Paper 300g/m – 12 x 9 inches on block.

(I use affiliate links and may earn a commission.)


BRUSHES: Size 2, 4 6, 10 & 14 Round Black Velvet Brushes Silver Brush:

Colours (alternatives):
Daniel Smith – Hansa Yellow Light (Cadmium Yellow Pale)
Jackson’s Art – Quinacridone Gold (Raw Sienna)
Schmincke Quinacridone Magenta (Permanent Rose)
Schmincke Ultramarine (Cobalt Blue)
W&N White Gouache.

Jacksons Trio Waterpot.
Washi tape
Plastic card.

Music: Frolic – E’s Jammy Jams.

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Pink Magnolia

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  1. Too right – you should be delighted. It's lovely and so delicate. What do you think of Milford Paper? Is it on a par with Saunders Waterford?

  2. I always learn a lot by looking at your approach and technique of watercolor and I am very grateful for that karen. Your tutorials are very well presented and animated, and your work is very varied, I hope to be able to follow your work for a very long time. Bruno in France, also passionate about art and watercolor. friendly

  3. Beautiful Karen! – they are a lovely mix of colours! Really appreciate you demonstrating the lovely background as well, creating interest and depth. Looking forward to popping over to Patreon and trying this one 😄

  4. "Leaving little white gaps" imho, is one of the things that make watercolor so delicate and fascinating.I really appreciate the quality and beauty of your tutorials!

  5. hi Karen! love this painting! it looks so beautiful! love the colors you choose and that you didn't paint the whole flower in pink 🙂 it looks special and delicate 😍✨✨I never painted a magnolia flower before and this could be a great inspiration! thank you for sharing and have a great day 🙂 Marija 😊✨✨

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