Styling a single dress for three different themed weddings: A guide

**Title: How to Rock the Same Dress at Multiple Weddings | BAOHANSTYLE**


![Wedding Season](image-source-link)

Are you attending multiple weddings this season? Don’t let the cost of buying new dresses for every event break your bank! In this video, I’ll show you how to wear the same dress in different ways, so you can look stunning without spending a fortune.

As a style-conscious vlogger, I understand the dilemma of attending multiple weddings on a budget. But remember, you’re there to celebrate the beautiful bond of love between your friends and relatives, not to impress anyone! So let’s dive into the fashion hacks that will make you the star of every wedding party.

![Beach Wedding](image-source-link)

If you’re heading to a beach wedding, comfort and style go hand in hand. I’ll teach you how to transform a flowy maxi dress into the perfect beach wedding attire with a touch of glamour. From pink belts and gold flats to crystal earrings and studded sandals, these accessories will elevate your look and ensure you’re comfortable under the sun.

![Country Wedding](image-source-link)

For country-themed weddings, you don’t need to invest in a new dress. Instead, I’ll show you how to turn your white maxi dress into a sophisticated country outfit. With the addition of ruffles, a leather belt, and leather shoes, you’ll exude a more controlled and chic vibe that perfectly matches the rustic ambiance.

![Bright and Vibrant](image-source-link)

Finally, for those vibrant and colorful weddings, I’ll guide you on how to style a short and super bright dress. Whether it’s yellow or black, this dress doesn’t need extensive accessories to make a statement. I’ll share my tips on how to accentuate it with a thin gold belt, nude pumps, and even a touch of tulle for a romantic and country-inspired feel.

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Thank you for watching my video on how to wear the same dress to multiple weddings! If you enjoyed it, please leave your comments and questions in the box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more fashion tips and tricks. Let’s master the art of dressing to impress without emptying our wallets!

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Its wedding season and some of you have been invited to multiple weddings. Attending so many weddings can get costly and buying a new dress for every single wedding will eventually break your bank. I would like to show you how you can basically wear the same dress (if you run into some guests who just happen to have gone to the exact same weddings don’t be ashamed but remind yourself that you are there to celebrate your friends’s /relative’s wedding day and not to impress anyone!!)
Btw, I am still new to this whole YouTube vlogging thing so please be patient with me cause i know that i still have lots of to learn to improve.
For those who don’t know and wonder about my restlessness or start complaining about getting motion sickness just by watching me (it has happened before LOL): I have Parkinson’s disease and have to take lots of meds in order to move. Unfortunately that can cause my muscles to go into overdrive and i end up moving too much. i have absolutely no control when that happens. STILL this won’t ever stop me from doing what I am truly passionate about. Thank you all for watching!!Pedram Karimi

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  1. You don’t wanna buy a dress for every single wedding…that’s craaaazzzyy!!! 😅😅😅 love your voice for that phrase chi 💕💕💕 And of course all the variations you brought ❤️ Thuong

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