Super Abstract Acrylics: A Stunning Artwork in Acrylic Pouring

**Title: Colorful Abstract Art – Acrylic Pouring with Molly’s Artistry**

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Welcome back to Molly’s Artistry! In this acrylic pouring video, Molly showcases a beautiful and vibrant piece of abstract artwork. With a variety of colors and techniques, Molly demonstrates the process of creating a stunning fluid art painting.

Using pouring medium, floetrol, and gloss medium varnish, Molly mixes her colors to achieve the perfect consistency. She shares the ratios and techniques she uses to create her unique effects, including swiping and scooping.

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Acrylic pouring has brought Molly immense joy and creativity. She’s fascinated by the freedom and expression that abstract art offers. Through her videos, Molly invites you to explore different fluid acrylic pouring techniques and experiment with your own creations.

Make sure to subscribe to Molly’s YouTube channel for more art tutorials and inspiration. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share your pictures on her social media platforms.

Artist Mentions:
– [Shelee Art](
– [Jessica WinterStrom](
– [The Painted Dreamer](

Canvas Size: 20 inch by 20 inch
Time Stamps:
– 0:00 Intro
– 2:19 Pouring the Base Colors
– 4:20 Swipe with Australian Floetrol
– 6:26 Pouring Rainbow Color Paints
– 8:46 Scoop Technique
– 11:58 Tilting the Painting
– 17:17 Wet Result of Acrylic Pour
– 18:36 Dried Result of Fluid Art Painting

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– Instagram: [@mollysartistry6](
– Facebook: [@mollistry](
– Pinterest: [@mollysartistry](
– Website: [](

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore acrylic pouring and unleash your creativity! Watch the video, experiment with new techniques, and join Molly’s art community. #acrylicpouring #fluidart #art

How cool is this! Co colorful and such a beautiful piece of abstract artwork. I had so much fun making this one. Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you so much for watching. Happy painting!

Paint Mixtures:
Pouring medium: colors and base: floetrol/gloss medium varnish (70/30 ratio); mixed 1 part paint to 3 parts pouring medium
Swipe black: 1 part Amsterdam titanium white to 3 parts Australian floetrol
Colors used: primary red, cadmium orange, cadmium yellow, cerulean blue, lime green, purple

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I am so happy that i found acrylic pouring/fluid art a few years ago. It has helped me in so many ways and it just keeps getting better and better. This visual arts creative outlet has made me so happy. I am loving this abstract art! I hope to keep doing this for years to come! I have always been fascinated by modern and contemporary art. There is something about it that is so freeing and expressive. I love acrylic pouring because i get to experiment and really join the creative side of my brain with the scientific part! There are so many different fluid acrylic pouring techniques out there, so much more to try and have fun with. Make sure you are subscribed to my channel so that you may learn and be creative with me. I love hearing all of your comments. Come find me on my social media linked below as well and show me your pictures!

Other Artists doing great swipes!
Artist mentioned:
Shelee Art:
Jessica WinterStrom:
The painted Dreamer:

Canvas size: 20 inch by 20 inch

Time Stamps:
0:00 intro
2:19 pouring the base colors
4:20 swipe with Australian Floetrol
6:26 pouring rainbow color paints on the canvas
8:46 scoop technique
11:58 tilting the fluid art painting
17:17 wet result of acrylic pour painting
18:36 dried result of fluid art painting

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  1. With all total respect you use Australian Floetrol l live in O Canada and by the time l pay for it and shipping it's $75.00 so l just can't watch any that product. To bad l like the ones l seen. Peace

  2. I gave up pouring about four years ago when I found mandala dot painting but finding you again makes me want to go back to pouring at least once in a while to switch things up. The techniques just look so different now than they were, so many changes. Really love watching you work. <3

  3. I love the technique where you use your palette knife to pick up color and drag it around, the cells stretch out and look just like a butterfly wing 💙 I also love the black lacing instead of white

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