Swim Collection 2022 by Hilary MacMillan

# Introducing Priyanka, Winner of Canada’s Drag Race, in Our First Ever Swim Collection!

**Get ready to sizzle with our brand new Swim Collection ft. Priyanka** – the fierce winner of Canada’s Drag Race who has taken the world by storm. Our collection boasts stunning suits for all body types, from eye-catching one-pieces to plunging bikinis that will make you feel like the queen you are.

Working alongside some of the most talented photographers, makeup artists, and stylists in the industry, we have created a shoot that will leave you breathless. @joebulawan has beautifully captured the essence of Priyanka’s personality and our dynamic swimwear line.

The #vid_tags of this captivating and diverse collection include [swimwear], [Priyanka], [Canada’s Drag Race], [body positivity], [fashion], and [diversity]. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a swimsuit to make you feel like royalty or simply want to celebrate the beauty of your body, our selection of swimwear is the perfect choice for anyone.

We pride ourselves on partnering with some of the most talented individuals in the business. Talents like @maayajardon and @dmkzy, who made Priyanka shine and brought out her inner beauty, were essential to the success of this shoot. The hardworking @shabydassi, @veronicachu, and @mttthw did amazing work as well, completing her look flawlessly.

@marcandrewsmith, our stylist, knew the exact designs that would match Priyanka’s fierce personality. @thepinkroomto gave her nails a perfect touch, while @reillywhale and our talented production teams from @undividedcreative, @somewherelse, @hallowedgroundsnet, @nobadpress, and @fabburitica made sure every aspect of the shoot was executed flawlessly.

To learn more about our Swim Collection and Priyanka’s amazing journey as one of Canada’s most prominent queens, watch the full video and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Introducing our first ever Swim Collection feat. Priyanka, the winner of Canada’s Drag Race.

Photo: @joebulawan
Talent: @thequeenpriyanka @maayajardon @dmkzy
HMU: @shabydassi @veronicachu @mttthw
Stylist: @marcandrewsmith
Nails: @thepinkroomto
Assistant: @reillywhale
Producers: @undividedcreative @somewherelse @hallowedgroundsnet @nobadpress @fabburitica @carolinetortiHilary MacMillan

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Written by Hilary MacMillan

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