Swimwear Collection 2022 by Hilary MacMillan

# Introducing Our First-Ever Swim Collection with Priyanka, Canada’s Drag Race Winner

Our newest video features the glamorous and daring Priyanka, the winner of Canada’s Drag Race, as she models our latest Swim Collection. Designed with style, versatility and comfort in mind, our collection offers timeless pieces that will suit everyone’s personal style.

Our team of talented creatives worked together to make this collaboration possible. Photographed by the skilled @joebulawan, we showcased our stunning models, @maayajardon and @dmkzy alongside the Queen herself. With hair and makeup by the gifted @shabydassi @veronicachu @mttthw, and styling by @marcandrewsmith, the shoot was a collaboration of outstanding talents.

Our collection features an array of designs, catering to a wide range of preferences. From classic pieces to daring, on-trend styles, we have something for every taste. Not only flattering, but our pieces also use high-quality material, making them comfortable and long-lasting, ensuring you can wear them time and time again.

Our Swim Collection and Priyanka’s endless magnetic energy is a match made in heaven. We cannot wait for you to see this collaboration and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and own your unique style.

Check out our video and let us know which design you love the most. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel, and find us on [Facebook]( and [Instagram]( for more updates!

– Photo: @joebulawan
– Talent: @thequeenpriyanka @maayajardon @dmkzy
– HMU: @shabydassi @veronicachu @mttthw
– Stylist: @marcandrewsmith
– Nails: @thepinkroomto
– Assistant: @reillywhale
– Producers: @undividedcreative @somewherelse @hallowedgroundsnet @nobadpress @fabburitica @carolinetorti


Introducing our first ever Swim Collection feat. Priyanka, the winner of Canada’s Drag Race.

Photo: @joebulawan
Talent: @thequeenpriyanka @maayajardon @dmkzy
HMU: @shabydassi @veronicachu @mttthw
Stylist: @marcandrewsmith
Nails: @thepinkroomto
Assistant: @reillywhale
Producers: @undividedcreative @somewherelse @hallowedgroundsnet @nobadpress @fabburitica @carolinetortiHilary MacMillan

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