Tadashi Shoji’s Makeup Collection at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017-18, Presented by FashionTV

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Experience an exclusive backstage look at the Tadashi Shoji New York Fall/Winter 2017-18 Fashion Show as FashionTV takes you on a journey through the creation of a modernized 1960’s-inspired makeup look. Makeup artist Pep Gay adds a touch of glamour by incorporating glitter between the lashes, giving the models a unique and captivating appearance.

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“Hello fashiontv! I’m Pep Gay, the makeup artist for the Tadashi Shoji 2017 Fall/Winter collection. This season, Tadashi drew inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and the women’s liberation movement of the 60s and 70s. To create a modern twist on the 60s look, we added glitter in between the drawn lashes. Each model has a different glitter color, reflecting the palette of the collection. It may take time to achieve this look, but we use eyelash glue to securely apply the glitter onto the skin.”

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NEW YORK – FashionTV takes you backstage for this exclusive make up look at the Tadashi Shoji New York Fall/Winter 2017-18 Fashion Show. Pep Gay created a modernized version of the 1960’s drawn in eyelash look for this show by adding glitter in between the lashes.

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