Tanya Moss Discusses Comex Trends 16 in an Interview

# Discover the Jeweler Tanya Moss’ color influence at Trends 2016 with Comex

Are you ready to learn about the power of color in the world of jewelry design? Join award-winning designer Tanya Moss as she shares her experience at Trends 2016, the biggest color event of the year, in partnership with Comex.

As a creative designer, Tanya believes that color influences all aspects of our lives, and she showcased this belief at Trends 2016. With ColorLife, she explored new realms of color and discovered fascinating trends that she applied to her unique jewelery designs.

In this video, you’ll discover how Tanya’s experience at Trends 2016 was both stimulating and enjoyable, as well as how it shaped her vision as a designer. You’ll also learn how she applied these trends and ideas to her latest designs, making them more alluring and trendsetting than ever before.

So sit back, relax, and join Tanya Moss and Comex at Trends 2016 for an inspiring journey into the world of color and how it impacts the world of creative design.

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Para la diseñadora Tanya Moss, el color nos influye a todos. Descubre cómo la experiencia Trends 2016 fue tan estimulante y divertida para ella y el resto los creadores.
Tanya Moss

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